by Leka

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The first offical demo of the project "Leka". Avaible also on Spotify:


released August 24, 2012

Juuso Leinonen - Everything


Most of clean vocals - Timo Olkkola
Female Vocals - Jenni Mattila
Artwork - Tuomas Puttonen
Logo - Aarne Huttunen




Leka Finland

Leka is a one man's Progressive Death Metal project from Finland that operates under the command of Juuso Leinonen.

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Track Name: Green Love
Starry-eyed fools
Sharing ideals
Hoping to consruct new ways

Blindfolded slaves
Opressed by their thoughts
The King OF PANDAS controlling them

A giant cuddly bear
Blood dripping from its hands
Smashing the skulls of rebels
Yeah lets dance dance dance

I just want to scream out

Oh its all in vain
Making the world green
Won't happen today
Nuclear is bad
So let's burn more coal
And tell everyone
That we are saving them

Mouthy idiots
Blapping about
Saving the squirrels and flies

Opening cages
Rejoicing freedom when fluffy things die
Track Name: Destitution
Can I drown my emotions
Limit and annihilate
It would be so much easier
Than choking to pain everyday

Can't show my true nature
I'm scrambled inside
All meaningful has become numb
What the hell is matter with me

I want to base my life on equations
Control and dominate
Calculate whats the correlation
Functions guide my life

But everything has become wretched
My stairs turned to slides
And I keep on falling
Towards millions of spikes

I dream of unicorns
Being slaughtered
By the hands of
God's creations

I want to see the leprecons
Tortured and burned alive
And the fairygodmother
Stabbed from behind

I think I'm disintegrating
Losing my trail of thougts
Lost between logic and illusion
Somethings I just will never have

Somethings I will never have

Maybe it's better this way
Let these waves seduce me
And drown me here
Track Name: Consumption
So many shiny things
Cant control your hands?
Feel the addiction to try them
Make a increase in demand

Economy, your religion
More liquidity to spend
Pour the riches to the sewers
Waste your money on cars

The way of the world
Share it on facebook
Let your friends drool over stuff too

Drown yourself in filth
Choke on chocolate bars
Make an offering
To the business gods

Buy buy buy buy consume more

Have a present
Go ahead treat yourself
Lust for materia
Anyways its all what you care for

Your precious relationships
Ditch them to the bin
These awesome lego bricks
All what you really need