Offering to The Fluffy One

from by Leka



The ancient texts
Speak of a ritual
Summoning a creature
From beyond

A godly figure
To control mankind
Good old times
An idol to worship for

And as usual
This story features a man
Corrupted by greed
With a lust for power

Driven to apathy
By his life
An atheist
Alone in this world

He lures nine people to his house
Into the basement
With a magazine ad

And hours later
Over the pentagram
Volunteers now chained

Desparately squirming
No chance to escape
The fun part can begin

One hit two hits three hits Four hits
Again and again and again
Pieces of flesh
Streams of the blood all over

First victim second victim third victim
All nine are dead completely dead
Man glares insanely around
Sacrifice is over

And now the flesh of volunteers
Hanging on those walls
Signs of the sacrifice
Disgracing the hall forever


from Catopia, released October 4, 2013




Leka Finland

Leka is a one man's Progressive Death Metal project from Finland that operates under the command of Juuso Leinonen.

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